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Build a stronger culture of cybersecurity with regular awareness videos and quizzes

VirtualDoers  security awareness videos training keep cybersecurity best practices top of mind through a series of fun and engaging short (3 – 4 minutes) videos sent directly to employees.

Each month, VirtualDoers delivers new security awareness videos content that addresses current cybersecurity threats, trends, topics, and stories, including how employees can stay vigilant to help protect the business.

Employees are presented with a short multiple-choice quiz at the end of each security awareness videos to support knowledge retention and gauge understanding.


What We Offer

Real Life Attacks

Each 3 to 4-minute cybersecurity awareness episodes is carefully crafted by cybersecurity professionals based on a recent example of a  real-life security breach. This not only show employees what techniques were used for the breach but is also guaranteed to catch their attention and improve information retention.

Monthly Episodes

New cybersecurity awareness videos /episodes are released every months to keep employees in your organization up to date on current cybersecurity threats. Research has proven that this level of frequency leads to improved engagement, greater information retention and most importantly behavior change.

Gamified Learning

The single most important aim of learning is to instill new knowledge in your employees. Gamification makes learning fun and so learners are far more likely to engage and retain the knowledge with an enjoyable learning program than a boring one. phishing awareness video with gamification puts the learner in the role of “investigator” to look for clues and become cyber security savvy


Comprensive Cybersecurity Awareness Videos Library

Password Security

Our cybersecurity awareness vidoes teach users how to implement strong and randomised passwords to make it harder for malicious actors to gain access to your accounts.

Social Media

Covers the most common social engineering techniques and the psychology of influence (for instance: scarcity, urgency and reciprocity), in order to combat these threats.

Physical Security

Emphasizes the importance of keeping sensitive physical documents secured. We share tips on implementing a ‘clean-desk’ policy to remove the threat of unattended documents being stolen or copied.

Device Security

The advent of malicious mobile apps has increased the risk of mobile phones containing malware which could potentially lead to a security breach. This training helps educate employees to avoid risks, without high-cost security protocols.

Mail Security

New episodes are released every 30 days to keep your team up to date on current cybersecurity threats. This level of frequency leads to engagement and behavior change.

Removable Media

Educates employees on the risks associated with removable media and how to use these devices safely, how to protect the data on these devices and how to use them responsibly in your business.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Educates employees on safe internet habits. Often websites offer free software infected with malware and so the focus is on minimizing the likelywood of your employees installing malicious software on their computers.

Working From Home

Educates employees on the need to understand and manage their own cybersecurity. As we’ve seen there is an increasing threat landscape targeting these individuals. Ensuring they keep security top of mind is our key motivation.

Cloud Security

The focus is on cloud cyber security awareness training is to help guide employees through the secure use of cloud-based applications to safeguard your company’s data

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