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We Disrupt Attack Chains and Empower Businesses

91 % of cyber attacks begin with a spear-phishing email. VirtualDoers delivers advanced threat protection solutions that  combine artificial intelligence and unique human insight to catch and stop phishing attacks — before they hurt your business

Employee Risk Assessment

Our industry-leading platform helps identify weaknesses in your teams, measure and track employees’ cybersecurity knowledge and behavior so that you can understand, control, and mitigate all cyber risks in your organization.

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VirtualDoers Cybersecurity Awareness Video

Cybersecurity Awareness Videos

VirtualDoers Cybersecurity Awareness Training videos are packed with infosec, compliance and general security best practice and designed to keep cybersecurity threats and best practices top of mind through entertaining and engaging short videos.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We maximize your employee’s resilience to cyber-attacks at home, on the move, and at the office. Our security awareness training is a proven educational approach for improving risky employee IT behaviors that can lead to security compromises.

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VirtualDoers Cybersecurity Awareness Video

Phishing Training

Our AI infused phishing simulation reflects the latest threat actor techniques, offers visibility into employee awareness and security measures, and delivers insights to address gaps through software, process, and education.

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Employees Enjoy our CyberSecurity Awareness Training

Our passion for developing engaging security education can be experienced in the quality of our content. Our Security Awareness Training is designed to capture the attention of all employees and make meaningful changes in their day-to-day information security and compliance behaviours.


We Know Cybersecurity Awareness Inside out.

No cybersecurity awareness training programs experience? No problem! We help hundreds of organisations find innovative ways to engage with their employees and get the attention needed to drive behaviour change. Our employee engagement experts will provide expert advice and assistance on how to make impactful improvements to employee cyber security behaviours. We bring over 15 years of experience implementing cyber security awareness programs based on best practice

Don’t Just Take Our Words For It

we fell like we have our personal security team! VirtualDoers are truly ahead of the game. Their security awareness platform is just amazing. Our employees love it!

Good job guys!

Blake Braddy

CISO, Global Retailer

VirtualDoers have made cybersecurity awareness training at our firm simple,  straightforward, enjoyable and engaging. 

VirtualDoers is a must have training awareness if you are really serious about cybersecurity training for your employees.

Joost van der westhuizen

CTO, Hackmakers

Finally! A security awareness training solution that is effective, efficient, & fun!! VirtualDoers This has led us to have a 91% completed rate.

Bonus: GDPR and PCI training have added!

Joel Lamarre

IT and Security Awareness Manager, Courier


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The Demo will Cover the Following:

  1. An exploration of your current awareness program
  2. A demo of the VirtualDoers Cybersecurity Awareness Platform
  3. An introduction of threat classification engine
  4. A discussion on glabal impact statistics
  5. Answer to your questions

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